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Your guide to a healthy work environment.

We are a team of professionals from various fields of work offering a wide range of employee support services in the form of a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

About us

We founded the ENEF group to help people, employees, and their families solve and process life issues and obstacles that prevent them from living and enjoying their personal and professional lives to the fullest.

The company’s name hides the conviction about our approach to clients, companies, and solving problems. In our opinion, it is important to see multiple solutions to a given problem thus we can creatively and effectively adapt to each situation (iNtuition). The second belief relates to an empathic approach. We approach our clients in an empathetic, cooperative, and supportive manner (Feeling).

Our services

Employee Assistance Program EAP

An employee benefit designed to help employees and their family members with personal problems and concerns that affect their well-being and work performance.

Competence development of employees

A certified psychologist or psychotherapist who provides consultation and counseling services directly in the workplace. Training, workshops, and interactive lectures.

Individual psychological counseling

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy provide a space where you can stop and look closer at what is happening in your life and understand why it is happening.


We provide our services on a long-term basis or as one-off projects for our clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.